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Let me Introduce myself…

I am a Christian Wife and Mother to two beautiful Children.

I work as a Hairstylist at JCPenney Salon, where putting the customer 1st is our main priority.

An Art Education Major at MSSU

I sing with my dad on occasion “Brian Arnold” when he is in my vicinity.

Hobbies include Photography, Painting, Singing, Hair, and Make-up….

K Keeton Designs is my “Freelance” Business. I have such a passion for my Hobbies I feel like sharing my love with you and offering services at a cheaper rate than most. Since it is not my “Main Job” I am able to do this.

I’m so glad you have decided to visit and enjoy the up coming blogs that I post!


2 responses

  1. Alexandra Mossberg

    I am a youthleader in Sweden that was interested in using your picture “Praise the Lord” with a youth standing next to the text in grafitti, it was perfect for my church youthwebpage. Would that be ok, or is it infringing on your property rights? Otherwise, is there a way to write in the bottom that it is your picture?
    Best regards, Alexandra

    August 22, 2011 at 8:01 am

    • Wow… Im sorry, I just now recieved this message… I havent been on here in FOREVER obviously. I actually forgot I had started the blog… But you would be WELCOME to use the picture!! (just put by K Keeton Designs) if you still want to use it… I dont think I have an original bc my hard drive fried and I lost everything…and Im not sure if it is on my mac or not. But even though this is EXTREMELY late, I would not care at all!!!!!

      May 9, 2012 at 3:21 pm

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